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Underground artist and comix artist from northern Finland.

Paintings widely published on album covers by underground metal bands worldwide. Album cover paintings for bands such as Black Pestilence, Autopsy, Whiplash, Usurper, Edge of Sanity, Kalmah, In the Woods, Unholy, Denial of God, Sabbat, Morningstar, Denominate, Sadistik Forest, Dew-Scented, Nagelfar, My Silent Wake, Aghor etc.

Featured in artbooks
MASTERPIECES 2019 (Heavy Music Artwork, UK)
ARTE ARCANA (Heavy Music Artwork, UK)

Artworks for Ghoultown's Drink with the Living Dead motion art video and Mortiis: Secrets of My Kingdom book.

Newspaper comic strip Kaapuveikko (Blue Hood) started in the 90's and is still published regularly.
More than 20 comic books released.

ARTIST STATEMENT: The work stands alone.

COMMISSIONS: I'm an underground artist, not a commercial illustrator. But might be interested in commissions based on themes similar to past works found on this website. Ask.

CONTACT EMAIL: jvuorma[at]
All art and comics © J. Vuorma.

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